The Trip So Far and Upcoming Stories

There’s a lag in my posts. It’s the result of an in-general Wifi glut in this country, other writing projects, traveling, and an editing process that I for some reason make myself go through.

The posts I’ve made take you up to November 22nd. Here’s the travel map:

Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.19.46 AM.png

Of course there were situations that I glossed over in order to tone down the excess exposition. Day-t0-day there are relatively few stories that present themselves. When people ask “What’s the update?!”what they’re sort of asking is, “What stories can you tell me?”

The benefit of having my lag period is days have strung together into some semblance of a narrative. This is a quick text run through of what’s happened since November 22nd. Consider this a “Tune in to read more!”


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